Facts about Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews is 45 years old
Born: May 4, 1978
Best known as: The blonde sports reporter who appeared on Dancing With the Stars



Erin Andrews Biography

Erin Andrews is a popular reporter for American college and professional sports.

Erin Andrews graduated from the University of Florida in 2000 with a degree in telecommunications. She put her degree right to work at Fox Sports Florida South, where she worked as a freelancer in 2000-01. She parlayed that experience into jobs with the Sunshine Network (2001-02) and then Turner Sports, where she covered the Atlanta Thrashers and Atlanta Hawks from 2002-04.

Erin Andrews made the jump to ESPN in 2004, where she became known for sideline reporting from college football and basketball games. Lanky and blonde, though a self-described “nerd,” Andrews mixed cheerful sports savvy with hubba-hubba good looks that made her extremely popular with the network’s young male viewers. (She was called “the sideline siren” by The New York Post.)

That all took a dark turn in July of 2009, when an illicit “peephole” video taken in her hotel room appeared on the Internet. Andrews announced through lawyers that the video was indeed of her and was taken without her knowledge. A 48-year-old insurance executive, Michael David Barrett, was arrested and eventually pled guilty in exchange for a 27-month prison sentence. In 2016, a jury in a civil lawsuit awarded Andrews $55 million in damages, splitting the blame (and the award) between Barrett and the hotel’s operators, West End Hotel Partners and Windsor Capital Group.

Erin Andrews bounced back in 2010 as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars; paired with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, she made the final night but came in third behind singer Nicole Scherzinger and ice skater Evan Lysacek. She signed a new multi-year contract with Fox Sports in July of 2012, where she began covering the NFL and Major League Baseball among other sports.

Extra credit

Erin Andrews was a member of the University of Florida basketball dance team, called the Dazzlers, from 1997-00, according to her bio at ESPN… Her father, Steve Andrews, is a longtime reporter for Tampa Bay TV channel WFLA… Erin Andrews’s sister, Kendra, is a professional dancer and sometime model… Erin Andrews signed up to endorse Reebok sportswear in 2011, putting her in the news when other reporters suggested this could compromise her journalistic integrity.


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