Apega / WENN

Erin Heatherton at the… Guys Choice Awards? Really?

Model Erin Heatherton poses for a photo as she enters Spike TV's 5th Annual Guys Choice Awards. This was at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California on June 4, 2011. This was only 2011, yet the concept of "Guys Choice Awards" seems like something from a million years ago, possibly something Neanderthals might have celebrated around a fire near the cave mouth, with categories like "Most Perfect Pelt" and "Sharpest Spear Point." In any case, salute to Erin Heatherton for being a good sport and doing the business she needed to do to stay in the public eye. Possibly to her relief, she was not nominated that year in any of the Guys Choice Awards categories, which included things like "Our New Girlfriend" and (no fooling) "Decade of Hotness." Also, side note: Boos to Spike TV for not using an apostrophe in the phrase Guys Choice Awards, which should clearly have been Guys' Choice Awards, being the choices of multiple guys. Unless the awards were just selected by one guy, or by a fellow named Guy... but even in that case it should have been Guy's Choice Awards. No wonder the whole thing went out of existence in 2016.

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