Image supplied by WENN

Farrah Fawcett looks glum

It's not clear what Farrah Fawcett has to look glum about in this PR photo from 1979. At the time she was one of America's most popular TV stars and pinups, having starred on TV's Charlie's Angels and (in 1979) in the film Sunburn. Perhaps it was the harsh reviews for Sunburn that were getting her down; Variety said that "Sunburn exists for no other reason than to provide a vehicle for Farrah Fawcett... Fawcett’s character is mostly irrelevant and has to be given something to do, like being scared by a lizard entering her bedroom."

The New York Times said the film "takes a counterproductive tack, starting out as a vehicle for the leading lady and then losing her in a web of trumped-up intrigue." But the paper was also kinder to Farrah Fawcett, saying that she "seems adorable without guile, and she also manages to convey the impression that she's very, very nice. Her popularity on posters and in hair-care ads attests to the fact that she's fun to look at, too." Well, maybe that's not that kind.

Winston Churchill looked glum in some of his portraits, too. And his reviews were much better! Perhaps we're applying a double standard.

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