Pixie Geldof as Fred Flintstone

Model and entertainer Pixie Geldof goes all Fred Flintstone at the Jeremy Scott show during London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010. This was in London, England on September 22, 2009. To be honest, Fred's garment -- his toga? his tunic? his muumuu? -- does resemble a dress as much as it resembles anything. Pixie Geldof was just carrying it out to its logical conclusion.

Meanwhile, let's just skip over the philological implications of Pebbles and BamBam, children of the "stone age" Flintstones, playing with alphabet blocks based on the Latin alphabet, itself derived from the Etruscan alphabet, which didn't arise until about 700 BC. The Stone Age began about 3 million years ago, and lasted only until 2000 BC (at the very latest), which was over a millennium too early for the language to be avialable to the Flintstone children. And that's assuming that the Flintstones lived at the very end of the Stone Age.

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