Facts about Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan is 66 years old
Birthplace: Havana, Cuba
Best known as: The Miami-based singer of "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You"

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Gloria Estefan Biography

Name at birth: Glorita Maria Fajardo

Gloria Estefan’s family fled Cuba for Miami in 1959. She began her singing career in 1975 with the group Miami Sound Machine, and in 1978 married the group’s keyboardist, Emilio Estefan.

After several Spanish-language albums the group began releasing material in English, their breakthrough album coming in 1985 with Primitive Love, which included the catchy single “Bad Boys.”

The “Miami Sound Machine” label faded away as Estefan became the band’s attraction.

The 1987 album Let It Loose included pop hits like “Betcha Say That” and the uptempo “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You,” and with Emilio Estefan as her producer and promoter, she became for a time America’s leading Latin recording artist.

Cuts Both Ways was another big hit album in 1989.

Gloria’s career was interrupted in 1990 when she was seriously injured in a bus accident. She bounced back, winning a 1993 Grammy for Best Tropical Latin Album.

In the 21st century she embraced her Latin roots with Spanish-language albums like Alma Carribena (2000 — in English, “Caribbean Soul”) and 90 Millas (“90 Miles,” 2007).

Extra credit

Gloria and Emilio Estefan have two children: a son Nayib (b. 1980) and a daughter Emily (b. 1994)… Estefan’s father fought in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961.


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