Facts about Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis is 34 years old
Born: May 5, 1990
Best known as: The pulchritudinous "genie" in ads for Direct TV


Hannah Davis Biography

Hannah Davis is the curvy, plush-lipped Victoria’s Secret model who appeared as a helpful genie in a series of ads for Direct TV in 2013. She married baseball hero Derek Jeter in 2016.

Hannah Davis was born and raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and she was still a teenager when she was discovered there by model scout Ginny Edwards. By 2006, Davis was modeling for Ralph Lauren and appearing on the cover of D, the fashion magazine of the Italian newspaper la Repubblica. Making the most of her deep-set blue-green eyes and honey-colored hair, she has since appeared in ads for Victoria’s Secret, Blush Lingerie, American Eagle, Tommy Hilfiger and Levi’s Jeans. She made the tabloids in 2012 when she began dating NY Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter; he retired from baseball in 2014 and the two were finally married on July 9, 2016.

In 2013, Hannah Davis became much more famous as the eye-catching Direct TV “genie,” who appeared in TV ads briefly (and briefly-clad) to cast sultry looks at the camera before snapping her fingers and disappearing. The ads were shown in heavy rotation on NFL football broadcasts, making her a fast favorite with sports fans and lad mags. That same year she first appeared in the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Kate Upton was the cover model, but a small photo of Davis was in the upper-right corner with the words “We’ve Got Hannah Davis… The Dreamy Rookie.” Davis became a regular in the magazine in the years that followed.

Extra credit

Hannah Davis is 5’9.5″ tall (176.5 cm), according to the Fashion Model Directory… She came in second in “rookie of the year” voting in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, to fellow newcomer Kate Bock… Hannah Davis attended Derek Jeter’s final game in Yankee Stadium in 2014 and then, a few days later, his season-ending and career-ending game at Fenway Park in Boston.


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