Facts about Harold Davidson

Born: ?
Birthplace: ?
Best known as: The scandalous Rector of Stiffkey


Harold Davidson Biography

Harold Davidson was the subject of a famous 1932 British scandal. As the Rector of Stiffkey parish in Norfolk, he spent much of his time in London attempting to rescue troubled young ladies and fallen women. When it began to appear that his interest in the ladies was more lascivious than charitable, he was tried for unwholesome behavior and defrocked by the Church of England. In an odd twist, Davidson turned himself into a sideshow attraction, proclaiming his innocence to paying customers. In 1937 he gained new fame for being killed by a carnival lion during one of his shows. Ken Russell’s film Lion’s Mouth (2000) was inspired by the Davidson scandal.

Extra credit

Stiffkey is pronounced “stookey.”