Facts about Isoroku Yamamoto

Isoroku Yamamoto died at 58 years old
Born: August 4, 1884
Birthplace: Nagaoka, Japan
Best known as: Japanese admiral who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor


Isoroku Yamamoto Biography

Name at birth: Isoroku Sadayoshi

Isoroku Yamamoto is the Japanese admiral who planned and led the Japanese attack on United States forces at Pearl Harbor in 1941. Yamamoto studied at Harvard from 1919 to 1921, and returned to the United States in 1925 on a diplomatic mission. Yamamoto didn’t want to go to war with the country he was so familiar with, but when called upon by his country he planned the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor and then led the Japanese navy to its early victories in World War II. The successes didn’t last. When the U.S. decoded a Japanese message in 1943 that included Admiral Yamamoto’s itinerary, they ambushed his plane in the south Pacific and killed him.

Extra credit

Isoroku Yamamoto lost two fingers on his left hand during the Battle of Tsushima in 1905.


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