Facts about Jaime Hernandez

Jaime Hernandez is 64 years old
Best known as: The illustrator who co-created Love and Rockets


Jaime Hernandez Biography

Jaime Hernandez is the artist and writer who co-created the comic book series Love and Rockets. With his older brothers Mario and Gilbert, Hernandez put out the first issue in 1981, and the next year Fantagraphics Books began publishing it. Since then, Jaime and Gilbert (“Los Bros Hernandez”) have done Love and Rockets almost continuously — they took a break from 1996 to 2001 — with each brother doing their own story lines and art. Although early issues included fantasy elements, Love and Rockets is best known for its realistic depiction of life in a Chicano neighborhood in southern California (modeled after Hernandez’s hometown of Oxnard). Jaime’s contributions are generally referred to as the Locas series and center around two Chicanas, Maggie and Hopey, and their on-and-off relationship. He’s done other stories as well, including Hoppers 13 and God and Science: Return of the Ti-Girls.


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