Image supplied by WENN

Jennifer O’Neill and John Wayne under a blanket, improbably

Actors John Wayne and Jennifer O'Neill pose under a blanket together for a publicity photo from the 1970 film Rio Lobo. The attached caption from United Press International reads:

"John Wayne, accepting his Oscar last month, voiced his disdain for nudity, but he didn't say anything about frolicking around with pretty young girls. In his new movie, 'Rio Lobo,' Duke has a prairie bedroom scene with Jennifer O'Neill who jumps into his bedroll out on the open prairie. Even though they did the scene with their clothes on Wayne said, 'Snuggling up with Jennifer sure beats using a warm brick to take the chill off a bedroll.'"

"Sure beats a warm brick" -- more romantic words have never been uttered. John Wayne, born in 1907, turned 63 the year the film was released. Jennifer O'Neill, born in 1948, turned 22.

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