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Jeremy Sumpter is 35 years old
Best known as: Star of the 2003 movie Peter Pan



Jeremy Sumpter Biography

Jeremy Sumpter was a teen actor actor when he took the title role in the high-profile 2003 film version of Peter Pan.

Sumpter was born in central California, but spent most of his childhood in Kentucky. It was there that, slender and blue-eyed, he began modeling and acting. In 2000, when Sumpter was 11 years old, his family moved to Los Angeles to help further his acting career. Before landing the starring role in Peter Pan, he appeared in the suspenseful drama Frailty (2001), the surfer flick Local Boys (2002) and the small-town nostalgia piece Just a Dream (2002).

Jeremy Sumpter went on to play hotshot high school quarterback J.D. McCoy in the TV series Friday Night Lights (seasons 3-5, 2008-10). His other film roles include the shark-infested personal drama Soul Surfer (2011), the tornado-infested action film Into the Storm (2014), and the cash-infested hostage adventure Billionaire Ransom (2019).

Extra credit

Jeremy Sumpter has a twin sister, Jessica.


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