Facts about Joey Ramone

Joey Ramone died at 49 years old
Born: May 19, 1951
Best known as: Lead singer of The Ramones

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Joey Ramone Biography

Name at birth: Jeffrey Hyman

Joey Ramone was the lead singer of The Ramones, the 1970s band that was credited with beginning the punk rock movement. The Ramones played raw tunes, fast and furious, with titles like “Teenage Lobotomy” and “I Wanna Be Sedated.” (The other original Ramones were Tommy, Johnny and Dee Dee.) The band formed in 1974 and finally broke up in 1996 after releasing their last album, Adios, Amigos.

Extra credit

The band’s name was a insider salute to Paul McCartney, who used the stage name “Ramon” very early in his career.


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