White House photo by Cecil Stoughton

Judy Garland and Carol Burnett at the White House

President John F. Kennedy’s Personal Secretary, Evelyn Lincoln, greets entertainers Judy Garland and Carol Burnett during their visit to the White House on November 28, 1962.

Shown from left to right: entertainer Danny Kaye (mostly hidden on left edge of frame); Priscilla Wear, a staff member in Mrs. Lincoln's office (seated in back); Judy Garland (shaking hands with Evelyn Lincoln); Carol Burnett; unidentified man (in back of room); Evelyn Lincoln; Pierre Salinger, White House Press Secretary; Special Assistant to the President, Dave Powers (balding man with his back to the camera); and General Chester V. Clifton, military aide to the President. The photo was taken in Evelyn Lincoln's office at the White House in Washington, D.C.

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