John “Johnny Appleseed” Chapman

Facts about John Chapman

John “Johnny Appleseed” Chapman died at 70 years old
Died: March 18, 1845
Best known as: Apple-planting American pioneer


John “Johnny Appleseed” Chapman Biography

John Chapman was an itinerant agriculturalist and missionary who became known as “Johnny Appleseed,” a folk hero of the 19th century American frontier.

He showed up in the Ohio River Valley sometime around 1800 and spent the next half-century planting and tending apple orchards as far west as Indiana, usually ahead of the oncoming settlers.

He is said to have also been a missionary, occasionally preaching the Christian teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg.

Although it’s clear John Chapman — Johnny Appleseed — really existed, speculation and rumor inform the tales of his kindness, his raggedy appearance or his motive for planting apple seeds in the first place.


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