Apega / WENN

Johnny Depp in a tuxedo (maroon) and hair (shaggy)

Johnny Depp sports a maroon tuxedo as he arrives at the 80th Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles on February 24, 2008. If we may just rant for a moment: Johnny Depp's hair drives us crazy, and not in a good way. He's a handsome guy with copious hair, but his insistence on having one thick lock (sometimes a greasy lock, it must be said) dangling down in front of his face is a bad choice. There, we said it. It looks sloppy and it must be all anyone can do, meeting him in person, to resist reaching out and brushing it back. And then there is the scraggy beard and mustache, so thin and unattractive that they don't even qualify as scraggly with an 'L.' They're just scraggy. Ugh. Thing is, he could look like a real movie star, and his insistence on subverting that can only be read as some kind of weak rebellion against the norms of stardom. If you want to rebel, don't show up. If you're *going* to show up, get that hair out of your eye! Thank you for listening.

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