Facts about Jonathan Banks

Jonathan Banks is 77 years old
Best known as: Mike in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul



Jonathan Banks Biography

Actor Jonathan Banks has been on screen for more than four decades, but he’s best known for his role as Mike Ehrmantraut in the series Breaking Bad. Since the mid-1970s, Banks has worked steadily in a variety of roles on television, often as a guest star, but also in the 1981 mini-series The Gangster Chronicles (he played Dutch Schultz) and the action series Wisguy (1987-90). Banks has also been on the big screen, in movies such as Airplane! (1980), Gremlins (1984), Beverly Hills Cop (1984) and Dark Blue (2002). He often plays a villain — as with his Breaking Bad character, a patient, murderous “fixer” who was in the show for its last three seasons (2009-2013). Banks then appeared as the same character in Better Call Saul, the 2015 spin-off of Breaking Bad (starring Bob Odenkirk).


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