Facts about Joy Division

Born: 1978
Died: 1980
Birthplace: Manchester, England
Best known as: Post-punk English band who did "She's Lost Control"


Joy Division Biography

Joy Division was a rock band from the United Kingdom made up of vocalist Ian Curtis (15 July 1956-18 May 1980), guitarist Bernard Sumner (b. 4 January 1956), bassist Peter Hook (b. 13 February 1956) and drummer Stephen Morris (b. 28 November 1957). In the wake of punk rock of the 1970s, Joy Division’s first release, Unknown Pleasures (1979) was an underground classic, with rhythmic beats and eerie melodies and themes influenced by David Bowie, Iggy Pop, William S. Burroughs and J. G. Ballard. During the recording of their second studio album, Closer (1980), Curtis hanged himself, which in a grim way enhanced Joy Division’s cult status. After Curtis’ death, the remaining band members went on to form the band New Order.

Extra credit

The term “joy division” referred to the Nazi name for concentration camp brothels during World War II.


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