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Loretta Swit in a M*A*S*H* Christmas

The cast of the long-running sitcom M*A*S*H pose for a Christmas-themed show, with Harry Morgan (as Colonel Potter) front and center as Santa Claus. This must be from the show's later, lesser seasons of the early 1980s, because key early cast members like Gary Burghoff (as Radar O'Reilly) and Wayne Rogers (as 'Trapper John' Macintyre) are missing.

Shown here, going clockwise from Santa Potter, are: Loretta Swit (as 'Hot Lips' Houlihan), Alan Alda (as 'Hawkeye' Pierce), David Ogden Stiers (as Charles Emerson Winchester III), William Christopher (as Father Mulcahey), Jamie Farr (as Corporal Klinger), and Mike Farrell (as B.J. Hunnicutt). This cast was in place for the show's last four seasons, from 1979-83.

Sartorial note: The 'T' on Klinger's hat looks very much like a modern-day Texas Rangers baseball team logo, but is presumably for Toledo, the character's hometown.

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