Image supplied by WENN

Lucille Ball with that crazy Lucy look

Lucille Ball gives you that look, the one that says "I'm about to do something dumb or sneaky, or both, and then spend a half-hour 'comedy' show trying to hide it, that's my brand." That's why America loves her! This publicity photo is from The Lucy Show (1962-68), the follow-up to her 1950s hit I Love Lucy. The 1960s were also when Lucy shifted into glamourpuss mode, with the jewelry galore and the pearls and the crazy painted-on eyebrows and the fire engine lipstick and all. This glam "real-life" Lucy and the clownish Lucy seen on TV were somehow supposed to exist together, as if (in reverse) Frank Sinatra lived like a hobo in his spare time. The 1960s were weird, man. Well, Lucille Ball *did* back Star Trek in that same decade, so we shouldn't be too hard on her. But these glam shots... whew.

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