Lucille Ball’s mug shot

Here's Lucille Ball's mug shot from her arrest on mail fraud and violation of broadcasting stan-- no, no, we kid, we kid! Lucille Ball was never arrested on charges of mail fraud, violation of broadcast standards, arson, or murder. (Not that we know of, that is. The studios covered up a lot in those days. Ask John Huston!) This is actually an item from an auction of Hollywood documents and memorabilia donated by Fox Studios, which was held at the Swann Galleries in New York City on January 22, 2007. It appears to be the final page of a contract between Lucy and 20th Century Fox in relation to a radio broadcast, bearing Lucille Ball's signature. Proceeds of the auction went to The Motion Picture & Television Fund, a worthy charity, and now we feel just terrible about suggesting that Lucille Ball had a mug shot or would ever need one. She was a saint and a true Queen of Comedy.

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