Magdalena Wrobel ignores red cocktails

Surrounded by waiters eager to offer her a blood-red cocktail, Magdalena Wrobel instead pauses politely for a photographer. This was at an opening party for the Swarovski company's "The Poetic Night Collection" unveiling in New York City on May 3, 2006.

This being a "poetic night" party, what shall we make of the cocktails? A nod to Walt Whitman's "Poem of Joys"? ("To taste the savage taste of blood! To be so devilish!") Or maybe a tribute to Sylvia Plath's "Three Women"? ("A red lotus opens in its bowl of blood...") Did Sylvia Plath wear Swarovski? We're not sure! Walt Whitman we feel pretty sure was a "no." But then, Magdalena Wrobel herself doesn't seem to be wearing Swarovski here either, so perhaps none of that matters. Cheers!

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