Image supplied by WENN

Are Michael Jordan and Kevin Bacon wearing underwear?

Alas, no underwear is visible in this ad for Hanes Underwear undertaken by basketball star Michael Jordan (right) and acting star Kevin Bacon in 2006. That is, unless you consider T-shirts to be underwear. To find out if T-shirts *are* underwear, we went to the Hanes website, where we discovered that Hanes has two different types of shirt offerings for men. In their "Men's Underwear" category they have a sub-category called "undershirts," while they also have a separate non-underwear section for T-shirts under the category of "Men's Tops."

So it could go either way, right? Is this Schrödinger's celebrity t-shirt, both underwear and not-underwear? No. Further analysis shows that Hanes undershirts come in a limited color palette: white, black, and gray. Kevin Bacon is wearing a blue shirt, so it is therefore a T-shirt and not underwear. The answer to our own question, then, is: Michael Jordan and Kevin Bacon are not wearing underwear.

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