Kavi / WENN

Miranda Cosgrove signs a bag of cauliflower

At least, we *thought* it was a bag of cauliflower that Miranda Cosgrove was signing here. That was at first glance. Now we see that she's actually signing a regular old CD, with the white blossoms and cellophane of a bunch of flowers covering things in such a way that it could, if you look at it just right, be a blue bag of cauliflower. The white blossoms would be the cauliflower sticking out the left end of the package, you see. (And you have to ignore the stems.) However implausible that scenario might be, this was at a signing by Miranda Cosgrove to promote an album of music from her hit TV show iCarly. The event was at a Best Buy store in Los Angeles, California on July 8, 2008. Miranda Cosgrove was born in 1993, so she turned 15 the year this photo was taken.

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