Facts about Nancy Lopez

Nancy Lopez is 67 years old
Born: January 6, 1957
Best known as: Great golfer


Nancy Lopez Biography

Nancy Lopez was the most celebrated player in women’s golf in the decade after her rookie year in 1978. She began playing golf as a young girl and was an accomplished amateur before starting her professional career while a sophomore at Tulsa University in Oklahoma. Lopez was named Player of the Year by the Ladies Professional Golf Association four times (1978-79, 1985 and 1988) and was inducted into the Hall of Fame when she was only 30 years old (1987). The greatest female golfer of her generation, she was also known for her cheerful persona on the course. She retired from the LPGA Tour in 2002, though she has continued to play occasional tournaments.

Extra credit

According to the LPGA, Lopez is 5’5″ tall… She married the pro baseball player Ray Knight in 1982. They had three daughters: Ashley (born 1983), Erinn (b. 1986) and Torri (b. 1991). Knight was MVP of the 1986 World Series… Lopez had previously been married to sportscaster Tim Melton, from 1979-82, and briefly played under the name of Nancy Lopez-Melton.


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