Facts about Noah Wyle

Noah Wyle is 52 years old
Born: June 4, 1971
Best known as: Dr. John Carter on TV's E.R.



Noah Wyle Biography

Noah Wyle played medical student John Carter (later Dr. John Carter) on the hit TV series E.R., becoming one of the show’s many medical heartthrobs during its run from 1994-2009.  Wylie left the show as a full-time star after the 2005 season, but returned for several episodes in other seasons through 2009. Noah Wyle was born in Hollywood and grew up acting in school productions in Los Angeles. He played computer genius Steve Jobs in the 1999 movie Pirates of Silicon Valley, and has appeared in feature films including A Few Good Men (1992), White Oleander (2002), and W (2008).  In 2011 he took the lead role of Tom Mason, a history professor who becomes a militia leader, in the alien-invasion TV series Falling Skies.

Extra credit

Noah Wyle married makeup artist Tracy Warbin in 2000; they separated in 2009. They have two children: son Owen (born 2002) and daughter Auden (b. 2005).


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