Facts about Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey died at 90 years old
Best known as: The host of Paul Harvey radio news


Paul Harvey Biography

Name at birth: Paul Harvey Aurandt

The radio show Paul Harvey News and Comment was first broadcast nationally in 1951 and continued into the 21st century, making Harvey one of the longest-lasting and best-known voices on American radio. Harvey’s program — an idiosyncratic mix of headlines, comments, quips and advertisements, all voiced by Harvey — was syndicated at its peak to more than 1200 radio stations around the country each day. Harvey was famous for his work ethic: he wrote and recorded his shows six days a week from studios in Chicago. His brisk, quirky delivery and signature greeting “Hello, Americans!” were widely (if fondly) parodied. In 1976 Harvey began a companion radio feature, The Rest of the Story, telling little-known tales from the lives of famous people. He continued working right up until his death at age 90. Harvey was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1990.

Extra credit

Harvey’s nickname for his wife (the former Lynne Cooper) was “Angel”… The two were married for nearly 68 years — from June of 1940 until her death in May of 2008. Harvey died less than a year later.


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