Facts about Peter Rubens

Peter Paul Rubens died at 62 years old
Born: June 28, 1577
Died: May 30, 1640
Birthplace: Siegen, Westphalia (Germany)
Best known as: 17th century Flemish painter of the Baroque period


Peter Paul Rubens Biography

Peter Paul Rubens was educated in languages and a master in painting who studied in Italy and settled in Antwerp. His talent, energy and ambition, and the ease with which he moved in social circles in Spain, Italy, France and England, made him a popular and respected star of the art world in the 17th century. Rubens’ paintings often depicted religious and mythical heroes in realistic and exuberant poses, but he is equally respected for his landscapes and portraits. He is considered one of the greats in Western art history.


Something in Common with Peter Paul Rubens