Facts about Princess Kiko

Princess Kiko is 57 years old
Best known as: The wife of Prince Akishino of Japan


Princess Kiko Biography

Name at birth: Kiko Kawashima

The Princess Akishino, known widely as Princess Kiko, is the wife of Prince Akishino of the royal family of Japan.

Her husband is the second son of Emperor Akihito and the brother of Crown Prince Naruhito.

Kiko met Prince Akishino (then known as Prince Fumihito) while both were students at Gakushuin University. They were married on 29 June 1990. They have three children: Princess Mako (b. 23 October 1991), Princess Kako (b. 29 December 1994) and Prince Hisahito (b. 6 September 2006).

Hisahito’s birth held special significance in Japan, since the law requires male succession and neither Kiko nor her sister-in-law, Princess Masako, had previously borne a male heir.

Princess Kiko was nearly 40 years old when her son was born. Hisahito is third in line to the Chrysanthemum Throne, after his uncle Crown Prince Naruhito and his father Prince Akishino.

Extra credit

Kawashima is her family name, and Kiko her given name; in Japan her birth name would be written as Kawashima Kiko, with the family name first.


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