Princess Stephanie with an adult human

Princess Stephanie of Monaco (left) accepts flowers from an old lady at the Monegasque National Festival in Monte Carlo on November 18, 2008. At least, we assume she's accepting the flowers, rather than giving them. Why would Stephanie hand flowers to an old lady? Unless, that is, someone else gave her the flowers earlier, and now she's unloading them on a loyal subject.

Shall we also discuss whether it's appropriate to call this friendly-looking person an "old lady"? She's no spring chicken, that's clear, but she could still conceivably be in her... sixties, would you say? Somewhere between 60 and 90. She looks spry enough, at any rate, and in the end there's no reason to classify someone by their age, or even gender. Let's just say she's an adult human and be done with it. Presumably Stephanie (or the adult human) took the flowers home and put them in a vase on the dining room table.

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