Facts about Rick Rockwell

Rick Rockwell is 65 years old
Best known as: The "multi-millionaire" who married a stranger on TV



Rick Rockwell Biography

Rick Rockwell was the groom on the 2000 “reality show” Who Wants To Marry a Multi-Millionaire?. At show’s end Rockwell chose as his bride Darva Conger and the two were married on live TV. The couple split a few days later, but their notoriety was assured. Some investigators later claimed that Rockwell — billed as a real estate tycoon — wasn’t really a multi-millionaire at all, but it didn’t seem to matter in the general hubbub of the annulled marriage. Rockwell had been involved in show business as an occasional screenwriter and standup comedian, and he briefly toured the country with a standup comedy act based on his fame from the show.

Extra credit

Rockwell is no relation to American painter Norman Rockwell.


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