Facts about Sable

Sable is 56 years old
Born: August 8, 1967
Best known as: Former WWF champion


Sable Biography

Name at birth: Rena Greek

As “Sable,” Rena Mero was named the women’s champ of the World Wrestling Federation in 1998. (The WWF, an entertaining mix of acting and grappling, was later renamed World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE.) Mixing power moves with pulchritude, Sable became the WWF’s biggest female star and for a time was one of the Internet’s most popular pinups. Mero, who rose to fame while married to wrestler “Marvelous Mark” Mero, split with the WWF after an argument with management, but her fame got another boost when she appeared in the October 1999 issue of Playboy magazine. She returned to the WWE in 2003, reclaiming her Sable name and persona, but left the next year.

Extra credit

Mero married pro wrestler “Marvelous Mark” Mero in 1994 and they officially divorced in 2004.


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