Facts about Scott Rudin

Scott Rudin is 65 years old
Born: July 14, 1958
Best known as: High-powered producer of 'No Country for Old Men'


Scott Rudin Biography

Scott Rudin is a successful Broadway and Hollywood producer who has the distinction of being an Emmy, Grammy, Tony and Oscar winner.

He is also known for being a hard-driving, super-competitive workhorse and one of the biggest jerks in the movie business.

Rudin grew up in New York and dropped out of school at 16 to work in the theater business. Five years later he moved to Los Angeles and got into the movie business, first as a casting director.

As a movie producer, his first movie was 1984’s Mrs. Soffel (starring Diane Keaton), and his first big hit was 1990’s Flatliners (starring Kiefer Sutherland).

Since then, Rudin has worked at 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney, as well as produced his own movies, with a canny sense of what wins at the box office and what wins on Oscar night.

His Oscar nominations for best picture include: The Hours (2002); No Country For Old Men (2007, which won); True Grit (2010); The Social Network (also 2010); Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (2011); Captain Phillips (2013); The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014); and Fences (2016).

Rudin’s box office hits include Addams Family Values (1993), Clueless (1995), Ransom (1996), Zoolander (2001) and School of Rock (2003).

On Broadway, his productions have included Passion, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, The Book of Mormon and Fences.

Extra credit

Scott Rudin has had a long-running rivalry/feud with movie producer Harvey Weinstein, with famous flare-ups between the two over the movies The Hours (2002) and The Reader (2008).


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