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Roger Moore as Sherlock Holmes

Roger Moore (left, with freaky sideburns) as Sherlock Holmes, Charlotte Rampling (center, no sideburns) as Irene Adler, and Patrick Macnee (more sideburns) as Doctor Watson share a moment in the 1976 TV movie Sherlock Holmes in New York. The film, directed by Boris Sagal, was about Sherlock Holmes in New York.

Why, oh why, do Sherlock Holmes movies always feel like they have to drag Irene Adler into things as a love interest? She only appeared in one of the original Sherlock Holmes stories, A Scandal in Bohemia, and while she's terrific in that story, she really isn't supposed to be Holmes's luvvy-duvvy girlfriend, oochy-coochy. That's not Holmes, and for that matter, it's not Irene Adler. They weren't chums, dang it! Do better, people!

Two trivia notes: crusty old John Huston (not pictured) played the archvillain Moriarty. And director Boris Sagal's daughter, Katey Sagal, later played the mom on the TV series Married... With Children.

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