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Sofia Coppola holds a DGA nomination

Sofia Coppola shows off her Director's Guild of America nomination for her film Lost In Translation. This was at the 56TH annual DGA Awards, held at the Century City Plaza Hotel in Hollywood on February 7, 2004. The plaque reads: "SOFIA COPPOLA / LOST IN TRANSLATION / 2003." (The film was released in 2003, but the nomination was in 2004 -- the same time-shifting confusion that plagues the Oscars and Grammys.) The DGA did, however, spell her first and last names right, rather than blundering with Sophia Copolla. Salute! The circular plaque is roughly the size of a classic 35mm film canister, a subtle reference to which which surely must have been the DGA's intent.

After all that, Sofia Coppola didn't win. The 2004 award for best feature film direction (for a 2003 film, remember) went to Peter Jackson for Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. That's a film that never should have been made -- the LOTR books should clearly have remained in the realm of the imagination -- but that has no bearing on Sofia Coppola.

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