Andres Otero / WENN

The Bush Twins with square ol’ Henry Hagar

Sorry, sorry! We didn't mean to crack on Henry Hagar, husband to Jenna Bush and undoubtedly a capital fellow. It's just that, well, in that conservative suit and haircut he looks like he's playing the square junior partner in a 1950s office comedy, the one who stamps his foot in annoyance when the office Christmas party gets out of hand, probably while Rock Hudson or Fred MacMurray is seducing a secretary in the very next room. Compare his outfit to Barbara Bush's dress and groovy heels, that's all we're saying. Not that we want to *see* him in her dress and heels, just a note in comparative styles. (Also, not that we would encourage him, or any person in a position of power, to seduce a subordinate. That would be wrong.) Anyway, this photo was taken on December 12, 2012 at the premiere party for A White House Christmas: First Families Remember, a TV special in which the Bush Twins appeared. From left, it's Barbara Bush, Jenna Bush Hager, and Henry Hager.

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