Agent 47 / WENN

Tom Brady on a public bus (but only in a Smartwater ad)

What does it take to get Tom Brady on public transportation? How about a Smartwater ad? (Bada-bing!) This ad was seen on a bus in Los Angeles, California on July 10, 2008. As an aside, when do you think the last time was that Tom Brady rode on a public bus? Not a team bus to the airport with a police escort and sirens wailing -- we're talking actual public transportation here. Maybe in college at Ann Arbor, Michigan? Earlier? He might have taken the CalTrain up to San Francisco when he was a skinny lad in San Mateo. These days, as a celebrity quarter-billionaire, he doesn't get on much besides SUVs, private jets, and yachts. Guess you can't really hold that against him. Still, Smartwater is really rubbing it in here, aren't they, showing Brady *getting off a private helicopter* for an ad on a metropolitan bus?

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