Jody Cortes / WENN

Vanna White visits a ‘legendary jeweler’

Vanna White smiles for photographers as the legendary jeweler Garrard celebrates the opening of their Beverly Hills flagship store, Two Rodeo. The date was July 10, 2007, the year Vanna White turned 50. The phrase "legendary jeweler" comes from the photo provider, and we're taking their word for it, not actually having heard of Garrard ourselves. (But wait! We just looked it up: turns out Garrard was named England's "first official Crown Jeweler in 1843" and later handled the famous Cullinan diamonds (including the 530-carat pear-shaped monster that was set into the royal scepter) and created Princess Diana's sapphire engagement ring. So we will allow "legendary jeweler" as a fair statement.)

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