Zooey Deschanel seems flushed

Here's actress Zooey Deschanel at an anniversary party for Kiehl's products, held at Barney's department store in Beverly Hills, California on October 17, 2001. ("Finest Apothecary Skincare - Since 1851" is how Kiehl's describes itself.) This is one of those odd celebrity photos one sometimes comes across in the photo feed: Zooey Deschanel's cheeks seem flushed, as if it was 15 degrees outside in Beverly Hills, or as if she just ran two miles on the way to the event. Her blue eyes seem even a little watery. Perhaps she just didn't expect to be photographed, and so didn't take the time to apply all the usual makeup expected for such photos. Maybe this is just how she ran out the door. Maybe she wasn't even expecting to attend the Kiehl's anniversary party and was just popping in for a T-shirt or some trousers or whatever. We'll probably never know.

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