Image supplied by WENN

Taylor Swift with some big music awards

Singer Taylor Swift holds an armful of three rather large iHeartRadio music awards in this photo from March 30, 2016. This was at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. Taylor Swift was born in 1989, so she turned 27 the year this photo was taken. Swift won awards for best lyrics (for “Blank Space”) song of the year (for “Shake It Off”), and artist of the year. iHeartRadio is part of the massive broadcasting conglomerate iHeartMedia, which was formerly known as Clear Channel, so the awards are a big marker of commercial success, maybe less so for artistic success. (Although godbless Taylor Swift and all.)

Those awards are *way* too big for practical display and will end up boxed up in her basement or garage somewhere, if she has a garage. Also, you can see they're badly designed so that fingerprints end up quite visible on the shiny tops in a kind of gross-looking way. If Taylor Swift ever bludgeons someone with one of these awards, possibly one of her jilted lovers, the cops will find her fingerprints on the top with ease.