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Vice President Chester Alan Arthur became President on September 20, 1881, after the death of President James Garfield. Trained as a lawyer, Chester A. Arthur had long been a leader in Republican party politics; he had helped to secure the nomination of U.S. Grant in 1868. Arthur had a respectable administration whose primary achievement was civil service reform, notable because of his previous reputation for cronyism. Arthur lost his bid for reelection in 1884 to Democrat Grover Cleveland. Arthur, who suffered from Bright's disease and hypertension, returned to the practice of law as his health failed. He died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1886.

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Chester Arthur's wife, Ellen "Nell" Arthur, died of pneumonia just 10 months before he became vice president... He was America's 21st president... Chester Arthur was the first president born in Vermont... In 1881 there were three presidents in one year: Rutherford B. Hayes ended his term 3 March 1881; James Garfield was inaugurated the next day and died 19 September 1881; Arthur took the oath of office 20 September 1881.

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    Gloria Arthur Price

    Chester Allan Arthur was a cousin to my grandfather Wilber Thomas Arthur, he was born in vermont, but family legend has it that he was actually born in canada and took the identity of his brother Raymond who had died and had been born in Vermont. The family does not have evidence of this, but that is our beliefs. My grandfather WT Arthur was born and lived in Huntingdon Quebec Canada all of his lifre. His grandfather was a brother to Chesters father so that makes him a second cousin to WT Arthur as far as the family tree goes.

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    President Arthur played the banjo.

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