Sylvia Browne Biography

Name at birth: Sylvia Shoemaker

Sylvia Browne was a popular spiritualist who offered paid psychic consultations, called readings, for many years. (She claimed to be assisted by a "spirit guide" known as Francine.) Browne gained fame through popular appearances on TV and radio talk shows including Montel Williams, Larry King and Art Bell. Browne often described herself as being on "a mission from God," saying that she wanted to prove that the soul survives after death. She also founded a gnostic Christian group known as Novus Spiritus. In her 2013 obituary, the New York Times noted that Browne had published more than 40 books, and that "much of her income came from customers who paid $700 to ask her questions over the telephone for 30 minutes."

Extra credit:

Sylvia Browne's son, Chris Dufresne, also has worked as a psychic.

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