Facts about Branford Marsalis

Branford Marsalis is 63 years old
Born: August 26, 1960
Best known as: Jazz saxophonist and brother of Wynton Marsalis

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Branford Marsalis Biography

Branford is part of the musical Marsalis family, which includes his slightly-more-famous brother Wynton and slightly-less-famous father Ellis. Branford is best known as a jazz saxophonist and bandleader, but has also made a splash in other genres: in 1985 he joined a backing band for rock star Sting (recording the album The Dream of the Blue Turtles) and in 1992 he signed on as bandleader for Jay Leno‘s version of The Tonight Show. Branford has sometimes been criticized in jazz circles for not being a purist in the vein of his brother Wynton. Branford won Grammy awards for best jazz instrumental (1993) and best pop instrumental (1994).


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