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Calista Flockhart is 59 years old
Best known as: The star of the 1990s TV show Ally McBeal



Calista Flockhart Biography

Calista Flockhart’s appearance as the lovelorn lawyer Ally McBeal made her a hot item from the show’s debut in 1997. Her ups and downs as a quirky young Boston lawyer made her one of TV’s top comic actresses during the late 1990s, but Flockhart’s weight somehow became a hot off-screen topic, as she was dogged by rumors that she was unhealthily skinny. Her romance with movie star Harrison Ford, begun in 2002, made tabloid headlines and seemed to eclipse her work as an actress. She has continued to appear sporadically in big-screen comedies and TV roles. Flockhart’s movie credits include The Birdcage (1996, with Gene Hackman), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1999, with Christian Bale) and The Last Shot (2004, with Matthew Broderick). She joined Sally Field as a cast member in the TV family drama Brothers and Sisters in 2006, playing Kitty Walker, one of the titular siblings. Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford finally married on 15 June 2010, in a ceremony at the New Mexico governor’s mansion presided over by Gov. Bill Richardson.

Extra credit

Calista Flockhart adopted an infant son, Liam, as a single mother in 2001… Her marriage to Ford is her first, his third… Her long-lost daughter in Ally McBeal was played by young Hayden Panettiere.


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