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Charlene Wittstock’s hand with her giant engagement ring

The hands of Charlene Wittstock (with ring) and Prince Albert II of Monaco are seen here in closeup on June 23, 2010. That was the day they formally announced their engagement, which led to their wedding on Junly 1, 2011. Per the British tabloid Hello, the ring was "Thought to be created by Parisian jeweler Repossi, a leading name in handcrafted jewels" and "features a massive three-carat, pear-cut diamond flanked by smaller diamonds in triangle arrangements."

We would like to take a moment to salute both fiancees for their hand and fingernail care. It's not a huge surprise that her nails would be well-manicured and lacquered, but his nails also are in terrific shape: no hangnails here! Nicely trimmed, no nibbling. 9+ rating for both hands, good job!

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