Facts about Chu Mei-feng

Chu Mei-feng is 57 years old
Born: August 5, 1966
Birthplace: Taiwan
Best known as: The Taiwanese politician caught on tape


Chu Mei-feng Biography

Taiwanese politician Chu Mei-feng became famous in December 2001 when a video of her having sex with a married man was distributed on CD by Taiwan’s Scoop magazine. Chu was a Taipei city councillor and former TV journalist, and the release of the video created a storm of publicity in Asia and (thanks to copies circulated on the Internet) around the world. Investigators found that a friend of Chu’s, Kuo Yu-ling, had installed a hidden camera in Chu’s bedroom and sold the resulting video to Scoop. Kuo was arrested and charged with violations of privacy and theft as well as undermining public morality. Chu capitalized on the publicity by releasing an autobiography, Confessions of Chu Mei-feng, in February 2002.


Something in Common with Chu Mei-feng