Famous Political Scandal Figures

  • Cohen, Michael

    Donald Trump's personal lawyer who pled guilty to breaking campaign finance laws
  • Craig, Larry

    The Idaho senator who was arrested for lewd conduct in 2007
  • Daniels, Stormy

    The adult film star paid hush money by Donald Trump's attorney
  • Deep Throat

    Mysterious informer of the Watergate scandal
  • DeLay, Tom

    The convicted Texas ex-Congressman who appeared on Dancing With the Stars
  • Flowers, Gennifer

    The Arkansas woman who claimed she had a 12-year affair with Bill Clinton
  • Flynn, Michael

    The former National Security Advisor who pled guilty to a felony in 2017
  • Hemings, Sally

    The slave who probably had kids fathered by Thomas Jefferson
  • Hiss, Alger

    The State Department official accused of being a Soviet spy in 1948
  • Manafort, Paul

    The campaign manager for Donald Trump who was convicted of financial crimes
  • Mitchell, John

    President Nixon's Attorney General convicted over Watergate
  • North, Oliver

    The unrepentant fall guy in the Iran-Contra scandal
  • Sanford, Mark

    The South Carolina governor who was caught with an Argentinian mistress
  • Shui-bian, Chen

    The former president of Taiwan sentenced to life in prison

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