Facts about Dick Weber

Dick Weber died at 75 years old
Best known as: Star PBA bowler from the 1950s to the 1990s


Dick Weber Biography

Dick Weber was a founding member and longtime star of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA). His legendary half-century career included 26 regular and six senior PBA tour titles, and put Weber into both the PBA and the American Bowling Congress (ABC) halls of fame. During the 1960s, when bowling was a staple of sports television, Weber emerged as bowling’s most famous personality. His gentlemanly manner and extraordinary skill made him a crowd favorite, and he worked hard to promote the sport with TV appearances and promotional events. Weber once famously bowled on a lane inside an airplane, and he made frequent appearances over the years on the talk show of David Letterman (a fellow Indianan). Weber consistently has been voted by fans as one of the top three bowlers ever.

Extra credit

Weber’s son, Pete Weber, is also a professional bowler. Known as a flamboyant bad boy, the younger Weber is one of his era’s top PBA stars.


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