Facts about Dylan Sprouse

Dylan and Cole Sprouse is 27 years old
Born: August 4, 1992
Birthplace: Arezzo, Italy
Best known as: The stars of Disney's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody



Dylan and Cole Sprouse Biography

Identical twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse are the stars of the Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Born in Italy to American parents, they moved to southern California as infants and began their professional careers. Like the Olsen twins, the Sprouse twins frequently took turns playing one character, including baby boy Patrick in Grace Under Fire in 1993. In 1999 they appeared in the comedy feature Big Daddy, taking turns playing Adam Sandler‘s adopted son. In 2005 they debuted in the television comedy The Suite Life of Zack & Cody (co-starring Ashley Tisdale) and became part of Disney’s stable of young stars. The series cast them as identical twins Zack (Dylan) and Cody (Cole) Martin, residents of an upscale hotel suite in Boston. The success of the show spawned Sprouse Bros., a business entity that oversees their projects in video, music, clothing and publishing.

Extra credit

Dylan is the older twin… According to their official bios, Dylan is named for poet Dylan Thomas, and Cole is named for singer Nat “King” Cole.


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