Edward Furlong

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Edward Furlong is 46 years old
Born: August 2, 1977
Best known as: Young John Connor in the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day



Edward Furlong Biography

Edward Furlong made his film debut as young John Connor in the 1991 blockbuster Terminator 2: Judgment Day (directed by James Cameron and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger).

Furlong fell into acting — he was discovered in a youth club by the film’s casting agent — but in the 1990s he proved to be a versatile actor and appeared in several independent films.

He earned critical praise especially for his roles in the 1998 films American History X (starring Edward Norton) and Pecker (directed by John Waters).

Then things seem to have taken a wrong turn. Despite working steadily in lower-budget films, Furlong wrestled with success and his career took a back seat to tales of substance abuse and arrests.

Furlong was arrested while driving under the influence in 2001, and in 2004 he was arrested after trying to “free” some lobsters in a Kentucky grocery store.

He was appeared in films such as The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005), Jimmy and Judy (2006) and Warriors of Terra (2006), and had a recurring role in the television series CSI: NY, but was no longer getting the choice roles he got in the 1990s.

It was said by some that he was making a “comeback” of sorts with a role in the Seth Rogen action-comedy The Green Hornet, but as the film debuted in January of 2011, Furlong was arrested and charged with violating a restraining order his estranged wife (Rachael Kneeland, m. 2006) had in force.


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