Ginuwine in a $29.99 baseball cap

R&B music star Ginuwine smiles as he performs at Central Park's Summerstage event in New York City on July 26, 2009. Ginuwine was born Elgin Baylor Lumpkin in 1970, so he turned 39 the year this photo was taken.

To be honest, we're fascinated with the price tag under the bill of Ginuwine's hat, which indicates that it's a New York Yankees cap and cost $29.99. Did he not have time to remove the price tag before going onstage? $29.99 seems to be a middling price -- not so expensive that you'd want to leave the price tag on to impress people, Minnie Pearl-style, but also not so cheap that you'd want to brag about getting a bargain. He's otherwise handsomely dressed, with a sleek suit and diamond earring, but he... left the price tag on his hat? Was that a thing in fashion in 2009? Maybe there's another explanation. Maybe somebody just tossed the hat onstage and he put it on to please the New York crowd? It's a mystery.

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